My EXO First Box

While EXO is preparing for their 2014 comeback, SMEnt released EXO First Box.

This Box is about EXO’s happy time while promoting XOXO and Growl Album. It also includes their MV’s and making of the films.

Because it was their first DVD, I bought two copies of it.

exo12 003

exo12 004

exo12 017

exo12 018

exo12 019

exo12 005

exo12 006

This Box has four DVDs

exo12 008

exo12 009

exo12 010

exo12 011

exo12 012

It also has an earphone winder freebie

exo12 013

exo12 014

exo12 015

I really love the packaging of this item. The Box itself has nice quality.

As an EXO merchandise collector, this item is a must.

exo12 016

I also made a video for this box:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!


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