My Highcut Magazine volume 121 featuring EXO for Kolon Sports

EXO K is one of Kolon Sports endorsers. But recently, they got EXO M too to endorse them.

Both sub units are now endorsers of Kolon Sports.

Highcut Magazine is a fashion newspaper type magazine and it features Kolon Sports items. I got two copies of Volume 121 because the whole group of EXO was there to endorse Kolon Sports.

exo11 001

The endorsement is called MOVE IT! EXO

exo11 002 Here are some clips I took from the magazine

exo11 003

exo11 004

exo11 005

exo11 006

exo11 007

exo11 008

exo11 009

exo11 010

exo11 011

exo11 012

exo11 013

exo11 014

exo11 015

exo11 016

exo11 017

exo11 018

exo11 019

exo11 020

I also made a video for this magazine:

Thank you very much for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!


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