My EXO K and M MAMA Album Chinese Press

Whenever EXO releases their albums, other countries have their own version for it.

China press is one of the example. Actually, Chinese photocards are next to Korean press Photocards when it comes to quality. But Chinese photo cards don’t have tags and their group cards are smaller than Korean Press.

Because I still don’t have EXO K and M Korean Press MAMA A group cards, I decided to buy the Chinese ones.

exo11 037

The Chinese press albums have different packaging.

exo11 036

exo11 035

exo11 033

exo11 034

exo11 032

exo11 031

exo11 029

exo11 030

exo11 026

exo11 027

exo11 022

exo11 024

exo11 023

exo11 025

I also made a video for these albums and photo cards:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!


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