My EXO Nature Republic Flower Tint Lip Balm Sets and Version 2 Photo Cards

EXO is one of the endorsers of Nature Republic. Before, I bought the hand cream with Version 1 photo cards of EXO. Now, I got the Flower Tint Lip Balm Sets and Version 2 cards.

exo10 055

The Flower Tint Lip Balm Sets are consisted of Set K for EXO K and Set M for EXO M

exo10 056

exo10 057

The Version 2 photo cards showed the boys holding flowers and plants

exo10 053

exo10 054

exo10 052

exo10 051

exo10 050

exo10 049

exo10 048

exo10 047

exo10 046

exo10 045

exo10 044

exo10 043

exo10 042

exo10 041

The Flower Tint Lip Balm was very nice because it has pictures of the boys inside

exo10 058

exo10 059

exo10 060

exo10 061

exo10 062

exo10 063

exo10 064

exo10 065

exo10 066

exo10 067

exo10 068

exo10 069

exo10 070

exo10 071

exo10 072

exo10 073

exo10 074

exo10 075

exo10 076

exo10 077

exo10 078

exo10 079

exo10 080

exo10 081

exo10 082

exo10 083

exo10 084

exo10 085

exo10 086

exo10 087

As of now, EXO has two versions of Nature Republic Photo Cards

exo10 121

exo10 122

I also made a video for these items:

Thank you guys for reading my post.

Happy Collecting and stay pretty!!


18 thoughts on “My EXO Nature Republic Flower Tint Lip Balm Sets and Version 2 Photo Cards

  1. may i know what is the price for one set?and can i get just one postcard if i just buy one piece or i will have to buy the whole set for the postcard?the postcard can be bought individually??


  2. Hi 🙂 i really like your review 🙂 but can you tell me please, is NR lip balm healthy and safe to use on lips ? and what is the different between the rose, the peach and the honey lemon ? 🙂


    • The lip balm is like a mixture of lip tint (coloring) and lip balm (healing). It is actually good for the lips. I think the difference is the smell. I haven’t tried the others, but when you apply it to your lips, it will have a reddish color.


    • Dear~ the SM pressed photocards came from the albums. Each album has one photocard inside. While NR is from Nature Republic. If you will buy Nature Republic products, these cards are given for free.


      • Nowadays, Nature Republic sells their EXO individual cards in a cheaper price. It’s not from SM but from NR. I’m not sure what card is that but if you can give me a link, I might tell you where did those cards come from.


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