My EXO MID Polaroids

When EXO promoted their Miracles in December album, SM Pop Up Store released their fourth Polaroid. The fourth Polaroid is from their MID album.

exo10 004

The MID Polaroid has three pictures of each member and some group photos as well.

exo10 005

exo10 006

exo10 007

exo10 008

exo10 009

exo10 010

exo10 011

exo10 012

exo10 013

exo10 014

exo10 015

exo10 016

exo10 017

exo10 018

exo10 019

exo10 020

As of now, EXO has four kinds of Polaroids

exo10 129

exo10 130

I also made a video for this Polaroid:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!


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