My Nature Republic Version 1 Photocards

EXO became one of the endorsers of Nature Republic. Because of this, Nature Republic’s products were very in demand.

One of their products is the hand cream. If you buy one set of their hand cream, you can get a free photo card of EXO.

I got Tao and Sehun version 1 photo cards before. But because I love collecting OT12, I purchased the set of Version 1 photo cards.

exo8 007

exo8 008

The quality of the second press Nature Republic cards are more sharp than the first press. Even if the first press looks different from the second press it doesn’t mean that they are fake. Nature Republic photo cards have tags around it. Check the tags to know if they are replicas or not.

exo8 009

exo8 010

exo8 011

exo8 012

exo8 013

exo8 014

exo8 015

exo8 016

exo8 017

exo8 018

exo8 019

exo8 020

exo8 021

exo8 022

exo8 023

exo8 024

exo8 025

exo8 026

exo8 027

exo8 028

exo8 029

exo8 030

exo8 031

exo8 032

I also made a video for these cards:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!


4 thoughts on “My Nature Republic Version 1 Photocards

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for posting your collection of photocards.. But can i ask you for a favor? I’m kinda doing this scrap book wherein i would be printing all the photocards of exo.. I decided to make this scrap book because honestly, I can’t afford to buy and collect all of their official photocards.. So i would like to ask you , if you are willing to let me use your scans of the photocards in my scrap book.. I would like to ask for the HQ scans of both the back and front part of the photocard.. I know you don’t know who I am but i really hope you could allow me to use your scans.. You can email me at my address stated below and I hope to hear from you soon.. Thank you for taking time to read my comment.. EXO FIGHTING!


    • Hi ^_^ Thank you for your nice comment. I would love to help you making your scrap book but I’m so sorry because I don’t have a scanner at home T_T. If you would like, I could take pictures of the cards and send them to you without posting any marks on it. Just let me know if you want then I’ll send them to you in your email as soon as I get the time. Thanks again and have fun! Aja!


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