My IVY Club #14 and #15 Issues

IVY Club is a famous student uniform company in South Korea. EXO K was endorsing them before. But in Issue #14, EXO M and EXO K were together in endorsing the company’s products.

Because of this, I bought their magazines.

IVY Club #14

exo8 040

exo8 041

exo8 042

exo8 043

exo8 044

exo8 045

exo8 046

exo8 047

exo8 048

IVY Club #15

exo8 049

exo8 050

exo8 051

exo8 052

exo8 053

exo8 054

exo8 055

exo8 056

My Setao/Taohun is sailing >.< bwahahahaha

exo8 057

I also made a video for these magazines:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!


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