Kpop Acronyms

In Kpop world, a lot of acronyms are used. If you are a new Kpop fan, it would be hard for you to understand some of them.

That is why I did this post to help some newbies in Kpop.

Here are some of the acronyms used in Kpop world.

Kpop – Korean Pop

Jpop – Japanese Pop

Cpop – Chinese Pop

Group Name Meanings

1TYM: 1 Time for Your Mind

2NE1: New Evolution of the 21st Century

AOA: Ace of Angels

AST’1: A Star 1

B1A4: Be the One, All For One

B2Y: Babyboys 2 Yearninggirls

Baby V.O.X: Baby Voices of Xpression

Baby V.O.X Re.V: Baby Voices of Xpression Renaissance Voices

B.A.P: Best Absolute Perfect

BB.Boys: Best of Best Boys

BBde Girl: Beauty Blessed de Girl

B.Dolls: Bustling Dolls

BEAST: Boys of EAst Standing Tall

Block B: BlockBuster

BoM: Blooming of Our Music

BTOB: Born TO Beat

C-Clown: Crown Clown

CHI-CHI: Creative electronic House Idols

C.N Blue: Code-Name Blue

COIN Jackson: K(C)Orea IN michael JACKSON

C-REAL: Chemi Redee Effie AnnJ Lenny

DMTN: Desire.Motivation.Timing.Now

EVoL: Effective Voice of Ladies

EXID: EXceed In Dreaming

F.Cuz: For Century Ultimate Zest

Fin.K.L: Fin Killing Liberty

F.I.X: Four Immaculate Xtraordinaries

F.T Island: Five-Treasure Island

GLAM: GirLs be AMbitious

g.o.d: Groove Overdose

GP Basic: Girl Power Basic

GG: Girls Generation (SNSD)

H.A.M: Heart And Mind

HITT: Here Is The Top

H.O.T: High-Five of Teenager

I.M.U: Inspire. Music. Unite.

Jevice: Jewelry Voice

jtL : Jang Woohyuk Tony Lee Jaewon 

JQT: J Quality Quartet 

JYJ: Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu

LC9: League of Competition #9

LPG: Lovely Pretty Girls

MaskOT: Mask of Thetis

MBLAQ: Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality

MIB: Most Incredible Busterz

M.I.L.K: Made In Lovely Kin

M.I.S.O: Magic Souls of Oriental

Ne-P: New Passion

New.F.O: New Five Order

N.EX.T: New EXperiment Team

NRG: New Radiancy Group

N:Sonic: Neo Sonic

NU’EST: New Established Style and Tempo

Pascol: Pastel Color

RaNia: RegenerAtioN Idol of Asia

R.ef: Ruff Easy Flava

Roo’Ra: Roots of Reggae

SeeYa: See You Always / See You Again

S.E.S: Sea Bada Eugene Shoo

SG Wannabe: Simon & Garfunkel Wannabe

SHU-I: So Hot Union of Idols

S.L.I.M: SunLight In the Morning

SS501: 5 Superstar Singers as 1 Forever [0]

TEEN TOP: Teenager Emoboy Emotion Next generation Talent Object Praise

T.G.U.S: The Guys Using Sound

The BOSS: The Boys Of Super Space

T.O.A: Top of Asia

TOUCH: The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme

TRAX: Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-Mas

T.T.MA: Taste The Maximum

TVXQ: Rising Gods of the East

U-KISS: Ubiquitious Korean International Super Star

UN: United N-generation

VIXX: Value In Excelsis (Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis)

VNT: Voice of Ninety-Two

X-5: Xenos-Five

YMGA: Young Men’s Gangsta Association

ZE:A: Children of Empire

When you are buying merchandises, some acronyms are also used:

WTB – Want To Buy / Willing To Buy

WTT – Want To Trade / Willing To Trade

WTS – Want To Sell / Willing To Sell

LFB – Looking for Buyer

LFS – Looking for Seller

You also have to use some acronyms when you are posting in group pages

OT – Off Topic

In conversations with other Kpop Fans, you will notice some acronyms too:

Bias – the member of an idol group who is your favorite

example: Sehun is my BIAS in EXO (it means Sehun is my favorite member in EXO)

UB – Ultimate Bias – same as the meaning of Bias but with a stronger degree. It means the member of an idol group that you super love and even if you have other favorites, that member is still your number one.

example: Sehun is my bias but Tao is my UB. (it means Sehun is my favorite but Tao is still the best for me)

OTP – One True Pairing. I means the pair (consist of two members) that you like together.

example: Tao and Sehun are my OTP. I love TaoHun a lot. (means I like Sehun and Tao together)

EXO Acronyms

For EXO Stans, there are acronyms that you have to know:

OT12 – Just like OTP but with a twist. Because EXO members are twelve, OT12 is created for them. OT12 means when the twelve members of EXO are together.

example: I have an OT12 poster of EXO. (means I have a poster of EXO where the twelve members are together.)

OT6-K – Because EXO is divided into two groups, OT6 is made. OT6 means the six members of each group is together. OT6 K means when the members of EXO K are together.

OT6-M – OT6 M means when the members of EXO M are together.

EXO’s trend words meaning:

Yehet – came from Sehun. It mostly means Yehey. He says this when he is happy.

Ohorat – came from Sehun. It mostly means Alright.

Kaeb Song – came from Baekhyun. The word came from Akaepta which means regretting something or something wasteful. Kaeb Song has three different meanings for BaekHyun.

Meaning 1: when you feel like something is regretful.

Meaning 2: when you say something funny but it is not interesting.

Meaning 3: It also means Sorry.

These are the list of things I know so far. I will update this post when I learn something new.

Thank you guys for reading!



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