My [SEHUN] IRIDESCENT BOY 1st Photobook + DVD “No Matter What”

Aside from Tao who is my ultimate bias, I like Sehun too. Sehun is my second bias. Because I love both maknaes, I promised to collect most of their merchandises.

Sehun is one of EXO’s most popular member. Because of this, he has a lot of fan site noonas that makes fan site goods like photo books and cheering banners.

One of Sehun’s famous fan site is IRIDESCENT BOY.

IRIDESCENT BOY released their first Sehun’s photo book and dvd.

exo5 003

exo5 002

This photo books includes one photo book, one DVD, one cheering fan, three postcards, three photo cards, one magnetic sticker, one A4 poster and one big poster.

exo5 001

Here are some pictures I took from this photo book set

Photo Cards

exo5 004

exo5 005

exo5 006

Magnetic Sticker

exo5 007

exo5 008

exo5 009

Post Cards

exo5 010

exo5 011

exo5 012

exo5 013

exo5 014

No Matter What DVD

exo5 015

exo5 016

exo5 017

No Matter What Photo Book

exo5 018

exo5 019

exo5 020

exo5 021

exo5 022

exo5 023

exo5 024

A4 Poster

exo5 025

Cheering Fan

exo5 026

exo5 027

Big Poster

exo5 028

exo5 029

I am very pleased and happy with this photo book set

exo5 030

So if you are a Sehun photo book collector, this set is a must have.

exo5 031

I also made a video for this set:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!




10 thoughts on “My [SEHUN] IRIDESCENT BOY 1st Photobook + DVD “No Matter What”

    • You can also buy it on ebay but it is kinda pricey. Where do you live? If you are from the Philippines, there is a group called Photobooks (selling,buying,trading) in Facebook where you can buy onhand photobooks.


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