My [OT12] ARA’s EXO 2013 Card Set

This is my second time to post ARA’s fan art goods. Like I said before, I will try to collect all of her fan art cards and books.

ARA has a set of EXO cards that the boys are wearing animal hoods.

exo5 032

She also has two cards from Happy Camp Show

exo5 033

Because I love her fan arts a lot, I purchased this set..

Here are the photos I took:

And because this set doesn’t have the name of the members, I tried to distinguish each one of them

So I guess this one is Xiumin because of his eyes and the soccer ball.

exo5 034

This is Chanyeol because of his eyes and cheerful smile.

exo5 035

This is Tao because of his eyes and the Panda hood.

exo5 036

This is Baekhyun because of his mischievous smile, his eyes and cap.

exo5 037

This is Chen because of his mouth.. hahahahaha

exo5 038

This is Suho because of his hairstyle.

exo5 039

This is Sehun because of his colorful hair.

exo5 040

This is Lay because of his blank expression.

exo5 041

This is Luhan because of the Deer hood and the soccer ball.

exo5 042

This is D.O because of his eyes.

exo5 043

This is Kai.. because.. of course.. because of the skin color..

exo5 044

This is Kris because of the eyebrows and the toys..

exo5 045

exo5 046

exo5 047

The Happy Camp Show cards

exo5 048

exo5 049

exo5 050

exo5 051

exo5 052

exo5 055

exo5 056

exo5 057

exo5 058

exo5 059

exo5 060

exo5 061

exo5 062

Now I got most of ARA’s EXO cards

exo5 063

exo5 064

exo5 065

I’m still looking for her other cards and I hope I will be successful in doing so.

I also made a video for this set:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!

Copyrights: ALL RIGHTS GOES TO ARA (machina_)


4 thoughts on “My [OT12] ARA’s EXO 2013 Card Set

  1. Hi, I juz ordered the ara cards too.. hmm so I like to know how long does ARA takes to ship the cards out usually & how long is the delivery time from shipping date?


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