My EXO Polaroids Collections (MAMA Polaroid and XOXO Black and White Version)

So far, EXO has three kinds of official Polaroids that SM Pop Up Store released.

The first set of Polaroids were in the MAMA era while the second and third sets were on the XOXO era.

exo4 155

I purchased the complete sets of these Polaroids.

Here are the pictures I took from each set:

MAMA ERA Polaroids

exo4 098

exo4 099

Every member has two Polaroids each

exo4 100

exo4 101

exo4 102

exo4 103

exo4 104

exo4 105

exo4 106

exo4 107

exo4 108

exo4 109

exo4 110

exo4 111

exo4 112

exo4 113

XOXO ERA White Version Polaroids

exo4 114

exo4 115

exo4 116

exo4 117

exo4 118

exo4 119

exo4 120

exo4 121

exo4 122

exo4 123

exo4 124

exo4 125

exo4 126

exo4 127

exo4 128

exo4 129

exo4 130

exo4 131

exo4 132

exo4 133

XOXO ERA Black Version Polaroids

exo4 134

exo4 135

exo4 136

exo4 137

exo4 138

exo4 139

exo4 140

exo4 141

exo4 142

exo4 143

exo4 144

exo4 145

exo4 146

exo4 147

exo4 148

exo4 149

exo4 150

exo4 152

exo4 151

exo4 153

exo4 154

As an EXO fan and collector, these Polaroids are a must have.

I also made a video for these merchandises:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!

4 thoughts on “My EXO Polaroids Collections (MAMA Polaroid and XOXO Black and White Version)

  1. Hi im from philippines where can i buy official polaroid set in some facebook shops? i hope you can hepl me i’m dyiiiing to buy those polaroids hahaha. Btw, i reall love your website your’e so rich! hahaha please reply 🙂


  2. Hi I just want to ask where did u buy your polaroid sets bc I’m planning to buy those too. Hoping for your reply. Thank you!<3


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