My EXO Nature Republic Products

Nature Republic is one of the famous cosmetic company in Korea and they have different branches around the world. Recently, EXO became one of their endorsers. Because of this, a lot of fans were going gaga just to purchase Nature Republic products and get EXO freebies.

newones 047

One of their product is the hand cream. Each EXO member endorse one hand cream. I purchased 4 boxes of this hand cream because one box has a free EXO photo card.

newones 052

newones 051

newones 043

newones 050

One box has six hand creams

newones 049

newones 048

newones 044

newones 045

newones 046

Each box has one EXO Photo card. But I was lucky to get 2 photo cards on the two box I purchased.

Here are the photo cards that I got from my hand creams:

newones 027

newones 028

newones 029

newones 030

newones 031

newones 032

I also purchased the Nature Republic EXO Catalog

newones 034newones 035newones 036


exo1 001

And I got a complete set of EXO Nature Republic Standees

newones 038newones 037newones 039newones 040newones 041 Because I have one Tao and one Sehun standee before, now I have two of each

newones 042

Collecting Nature Republic products are very nice and fun. And their cosmetics are superb too.

newones 033

Here is a video I made while I was unboxing my Nature Republic Merchandises:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Have a nice day!


21 thoughts on “My EXO Nature Republic Products

  1. Hello, i’ve just gotten 2 same Chen’s Nature republic ver 2. photocard. Both have specks in all 4 corners, but i realised that both are of different thickness… so i would like to know which one is the official one? Are your photocard very much softer than normal album photocards too? thank you 🙂


    • Sment doesn’t have Nature Republic cards. Only Nature Republic have those photo cards. But if you will compare SM album photocards and Nature Republic photocards, SM album photocards are actually thicker than Nature Republic. But both cards have tags around them. You will know that they are not fake because of the tags.


  2. Hi. Could you perhaps upload scanned photos of all 3 of your nature republic group photocards and all 4 of your xoxo and growl promotional group photocards?


    • I did have a post for my Nature Republic group cards and all promotional cards. But if you want an HD scan, I will try to upload it too. But it will take sometime because I’m so busy nowadays.. sorry~


  3. how much per box? so nung bumili ka po ng 4boxes maykasama na syang standee? nagsesearch kasi ako kung pano makakuha ng coplete photocards from NR e. 😀


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