My EXO Albums (Korean and Philippine Press)

Exo made their official début last April 8, 2012 with the release of their début single, “MAMA”. MAMA is their First Mini Album. XOXO is their comeback album while Growl is the repackage album. They also have a Christmas Album which was titled Miracles of December.

Today, I will show my EXO album collections. I have Korean and Philippine Press Albums.


My Albums are consisted of MAMA EXOK Korean Press, MAMA EXOM Korean Press, XOXO Hug Philippine Press, XOXO Kiss Philippine Press, Growl Hug Korean and Philippine Press, Growl Kiss Korean and Philippine Press and Miracles of December Korean and Chinese Album.

To know if your album is Korean Press, try to find the sticker. If the sticker is not there, then your album is not Korea Press.




XOXO Hug and Kiss


Growl Hug and Kiss


Miracles of December Korean and Chinese Album


Here are some videos I made for these albums:

I heard that they will have a comeback this March 2014. Then I will have a new set of Albums to add to my collections.

Thank you very much for reading my post.

Have a nice day!!


11 thoughts on “My EXO Albums (Korean and Philippine Press)

  1. So wala masiyadong difference if ph pressed siya, just the quality? What are the korean albums released also in the Philippines? May idea ka po? Balak ko kasi bumili, pero iniiwasan ko yung ph press :3 =)) I keep going around malls to see kpop albums and di ko talaga matukoy kung ph press siya or kr press =))) Salamat, thank you.


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