My Official Korean Press EXO Photo Cards

As 2013 swings by, EXO became one of the most popular group in Kpop industry. Because of this, all their items are in demand and very pricey.

I would like to collect all their Korean Press cards but it is really impossible to do that. Most of their photo cards are super expensive and rare. That’s why I just collected some of it. I also prioritize collecting Tao’s photo cards because he is my bias in EXO.

Here are some of my Official Korean Press Photo Cards:


cards 016

And here is my Tao’s official Korean Press Photo cards:


I have Tao Mama A, Tao Mama B, Tao XOXO, Tao Growl A and Tao Growl B.

Collecting Korean Press cards are harder than I thought. The prices are expensive especially Mama A ones because they are super rare. The price of Mama A ranges from $30 to $60. While Mama B, XOXO and Growl B ranges around $12 because they are not rare. The first release of Growl Version A is more expensive than the second release. The first release ranges around $30 while the second release is around $18.

Here is a video I made for my Official Korean Press Photo cards:

Thank you for reading my post!

Have a nice day!


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