How to know if the Photocards are Official (KR/JP/PH/TW/CH)

Korean Pop photo cards are in demand nowadays because a lot of people are collecting them. These days, a lot of scammers are trading and selling unofficial cards. I am a collector too and it is really hard to accept when you get scammed by someone.

That’s why I researched about how to know if the Photo cards are Official.

There are many types of Official Photo cards. They are Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan and Philippines Press Cards.

Now here are the list of how to distinguish your card. If your card is not one of them, then it is fan made.

Korea : All genuine Kr photo cards have tags. Little tags of paper in the corners or along the sides or bottom. A photo card should have a smooth surface with a clean sheen to it. The font color and the signature must have the same color. The font on a real photo card should be bold, not shaky or faded. And it also have this smell of a newly opened album.

Japan : The photo cards have visible line marks on the edges, it does not have tags like the Korean press (but some have e.g. SNSD Jp Cards. Mostly in the sides, not in the four corners) but most Japanese photo cards comes with a number code in the back. eg. AVCK-79127/B, S3 000066996

Philippines : Most Philippines released photo cards have sharp edges (with exception to SNSD cards and SJM Perfection cards) And the colors are a bit off compared to real ones. The backs of the cards feel like paper, they are not glossy. It also smells like carton. It is given to the buyers for free and in full set on album launches.

Taiwan : Taiwan press cards are the most similar to KR cards. They have rounded edges, glossy backs. Only that the coloring on the cards is slightly off. It appears a bit darker than a KR press card. Jacket sized card and a lot thinner.

China : China Press is a little bit thinner. The color is less vivid. The corners are a tiny bit sharper, and they don’t have the tiny tabs that Korea Press cards do. OT cards are smaller in size than the Korea Press.

(Credits: Photo card (Selling,Buying,Trading) Facebook Group) By Jonathan Cagahastian

For more info’s about your Favorite Kpop Artists Photo cards you can check this:




B1A4 –







F(X) –







SHINee –







2PM –




Difference between Ph Press and Korean Press

– Korean Press has much clearer image and better texture
– Ph Press is glossier and looks like a complete replica (sorry for the term >.<)
– The sides of Ph Press is not the same as the Korean Press
– Some of the Ph Press Photo cards has bubbles inside




Information about the difference of Growl Version A Photo cards First and Second release:

Growl Version A Photo cards Korean Press were really expensive when it was first release. The first release were limited and there were only few copies. Because of the amount of demands for it, they printed it again. Before, the chances of getting Version A cards are really impossible because there were a lot of Version B cards in the market. But when they released the second prints of Version A, the chances were a little bit possible now.

According to many collectors, the difference between the first and second prints are the specs or tags and the back print of the cards. The specs or tags can be seen everywhere around the card of the first prints (like at the bottom, top, middle and corners of the cards) while second prints will only have it on the corners of the cards.


It was also said that the color of the second prints are fainter than the first ones.


Credits: Liiya Grey

It is hard to distinguish the difference but if I you want the first release then you should have a keen eye. And remember, the first release is more expensive than the second ones.


Thank you guys for reading my post!

Have a nice day!


7 thoughts on “How to know if the Photocards are Official (KR/JP/PH/TW/CH)

  1. Hello, I traded for exo suho xoxo id photocard with someone. For some reason, it seemed like the color was off compared to the ones I already have and I’m a bit worries if it is fake. Do you mind helping me out?


  2. Hello~ I traded photo cards with someone and just received it today. For some reason it seemed like the color was off so I’m scared that it might be fake. I looked up some pics of the card online but I’m not sure which pics I should trust. All I’ve discovered is that the corners on my card are less rounded than the ones online that the people were trading. Do you mind helping me out?


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